Discover some our solutions in automobile manufacturing:

Assembly responding flexible to the requirements of today and tomorrow

Efficient body identification and just in time/just in sequence assembly increase production quality. This is one of the benefits of our service for the final assembly in the automotive industry.

All aspects of the automotive assembly line – from timing to quality to quantity – require precise coordination.

  • Planning of a complete assembly line
  • Efficient engineering with Totally Integrated Automation
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Manufacturing Execution and Quality Management
  • Turnkey and automation solutions for car assembly
  • Services in assembly

Automotive and supplying industry

The AUTOTECH electrical engineering and automation robotics divisions have been delivering to the major manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry. We help clients improve productivity, strengthen innovation, and compete globally in a variety of markets. We are usually responsible for a hall-size production line module, which we fully design, construct, produce, assemble, program and put into operation.

Robots are an excellent material handling solution for manufacturing facilities. At Autotech we produce a variety end of arm tools, for robots. This could be for core handling, label applications, auto bagging, or gluing. As an integrator and original equipment manufacturer, we build our robotic cells to manage pallets and slip sheets.

Exchange systems for assemblies and parts that are transported in shipping containers, or for pallets, are used in order to execute production processes without interruption.

The intake and discharge stations are often part of complete automation systems planned by Autotech, in particular in the automobile sector.

Our design engineers draft and plan these and further auxiliary equipment items for production automation following a detailed analysis and in accordance with customer needs.

Our technology is adapted to all production rates and will meet all your requirements, such as the use of containers, setting up secondary packaging (cardboard or plastic boxes) and the management of pallet boxes.

Once a palette has been covered with film and weighed, it is sent to the line output.

Our conveyors are based on the product, it’s size and weight. In addition to straight sections, we also offer curved conveyors and incline conveyors.

Conveyor technology for processes in automobile construction and logistics belongs to the special fields of Autotech automation robotics.

We design and build complex conveyor systems worldwide and supply tailor-made factory automation, as well as assembly and bonding technology.